Wendy Wild, also known as Wendy Rosher, has waived her right to anonymity).  She alleged that Mr Harris assaulted her at the Leigh Park Community Centre in Havant when she was seven or eight years old.

There is no evidence that Mr Harris was ever at the Leigh Park Community Centre. The evidence is that he has never been there.


The Questions

Mr Harris was at the peak of his career in the late 1960s and was playing in venues such as the Royal Albert Hall. Why would he perform in a small community centre on a council estate?

No evidence has emerged this concert ever happened. Seven years of local newspapers were examined and there is no mention in the local press of this concert. The council have no records of hall being used for a performance by Rolf Harris. There are no photographs of this concert. The police checked old people’s homes, local historians and did letter drops in the area. No witness has ever come forward to say they were at this concert.

How could a small community hall afford the fees of a major star and to whom was the fee paid to if there is no record of the community centre hiring out the hall to Rolf Harris?

Wendy Wild described Harris as having hairy hands which he does not have.

Wendy Wild made no mention of Harris having a backing band.

Wendy Wild had difficulty deciding when the incident took place. In one version she said it happend around the time of the moon landings and another it happened in October around the time of her eighth birthday. Rolf said he saw the moon landing in the shop of a TV window in Australia. He said this in his 2001 autobiography long before the allegation was made against him.

Wendy Wild has never identified anyone she knew at the concert.

Three years have passed since Harris was arrested for this incident. How is that in all this time no evidence has emerged this concert took place?

How could Harris molest someone in a packed hall without anyone noticing?

Wendy Wild accused Harris of molesting her at an event which did not take place but it was Harris who was branded a liar.

The hall held only 150 people and was too small to host a visit from a world-famous star;

His agent would not have booked him to perform in a small hall at a council estate community hall (he was a world-famous star at that time);

His fee for appearing would have been too high for such a venue, and even if they did book him the tickets would have had to be priced at a level that would have been unrealistic for members of the local community (this was a children’s event, remember);

No one from the Centre can remember it – there would have been people there to welcome him, to help him set up etc;

There are no advertisements or flyers; no tickets or souvenir programmes; no photographs – some of which by now would surely have been sold to the press – or autographs;

Rolf Harris does not have hairy hands nor did he back in 1969;

Two witnesses said that Mr Harris visited Leigh Park at around the time Diana Dors and Sid James visited.    They were never able to say when or produce any evidence.  Sid James opened a new parade of shops 1966. Diana Dors opened the Crown Bingo in Leigh Park in 1973. Neither appearance was in 1969.  Both appearances are remembered and in the newspapers.  The witnesses say that the visit was in the papers and the council records: it isn’t.   Locals say that Mr Harris has never visited Leigh Park.


If Wendy Wild only wanted closure, why have she and her brother given more post-conviction interviews that any other witness? Why did she make such a song and dance about the level of compensation she received (other that to cash in on yet another paid newspaper story)?