In criminal trials in this country the accused is presumed innocent unless the prosecution proves beyond reasonable doubt that the accused is guilty. The jury should only convict if they are sure that the defendant is guilty.

Rolf Harris was tried and convicted at Southwark Crown Court in 2014 on twelve charges of indecent assault.  There was no evidence that he was guilty of the alleged allegations that he was charged with:

  • Wendy Wild alleged that Mr Harris assaulted her when she was 7 or 8 at a community centre in Leigh Park, Havant.   The prosecution were unable to show that Rolf had been to Leigh Park.  The evidence of the local community is that Rolf Harris has never visited Leigh Park;
  • With ‘Miss Cambridge’ the prosecution pulled a party trick. They shifted the date of the alleged assault by three years, the alleged victim aged from 13 to 16.  The location and event altered.  But never was it shown that the alleged witness was at either location or event;
  •  Tonya Lee was not only paid for her story and massively got it wrong, but she also seems to have cribbed her story directly from the YouTube footage of Jimmy Saville’s niece, Caroline Robinson, who has been investigated for making a fraudulent claim.
  •  Witness C, the former best friend of Mr Harris’s daughter, who appears to be wreaking revenge on Rolf for ending their odd consensual adult relationship. She also attempted to blackmail Mr Harris.

The conviction of Rolf Harris amounts to a serious miscarriage of justice.


On 3 February, The Sun newspaper announced to the public that the police would see Rolf to speak to him about new charges on 12 February. It said that with new complaints being put forward Rolf would not be able to focus on his appeal.

On 12 February the CPS announced that Rolf would face seven further indecent assault charges. The specific details of these new allegations are not known. At this stage, based on the track record of Operation Yewtree, the Metropolitan Police and the CPS it is assumed that the new charges are ‘more of the same’ and that they have been brought in order to prevent an appeal.

We fully support victims of sexual abuse. Our case is about the fight for justice and we share this endeavour with victims of abuse.

This website has been set up to provide information about the trial and to show showing the problems with the evidence that clearly demonstrate that a miscarriage of justice has taken place. It is clear from the evidence presented in court that a miscarriage of justice has taken place.


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